In the News: Colorado Podiatrist, Joseph Mechanik, DPM, FACFAS, Receives Master HyProCure® Surgeon Credential

Surgeon operating out of Denver, Colorado is recognized by The Graham International Implant Institute’s for exceeding its standards in the installation of the HyProCure® Internal, Extra-Osseous, Extra-Articular, TaloTarsal Fixation Device.



Colorado Foot Institute®

Feb. 18, 2012 – (DENVER, COLORADO) – Dr. Joseph Mechanik, a Podiatrist operating out of a clinic in Centennial, CO has been honored with the status of Master HyProCure® Surgeon. This achievement was given to him by The Graham International Implant Institute® (otherwise known as GIII), the national training partner of GraMedica®. GraMedica is an international orthopedic medical device company that created the HyProCure device.

This celebrated credential symbolizes the highest level of achievement offered by GIII and GraMedica, and is solely awarded to surgeons who have exceeded the stringent guidelines for using the HyProCure® Internal, Extra-Osseous, Extra-Articular, TaloTarsal Stabilization device.
HyProCure® is the world’s first lifetime solution that fixes the distressing effects of partial talotarsal dislocation. This naturally occurring foot imbalance, which was once untreatable, throws the foot, the leg, and eventually the entire body, completely out of alignment. Talotarsal dislocation affects patients of all ages, and it is often considered a “root problem”, being the distinct cause of most foot pain symptoms and other foot-related conditions. This includes plantar fasciitis (heel pain), fallen arches, bunions, hyperpronation, back pain, knee pain, hip pain and even problems with the shoulders and neck. HyProCure® is a completely permanent solution, using a medical stent to correct the problem at its root. Once inserted through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, the stent realigns the foot along with the entire body. HyProCure® has been used by podiatrists like Dr. Mechanik since 2004.

GIII and GraMedica® are proud to recognize Dr. Mechanik and the Colorado Foot Institute’s achievement. They readily acknowledge Dr. Mechanik as a national leader in offering patients the HyProCure® procedure.

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Dr. Joseph Mechanik is Certified by

American Podiatric Medical Associations
American Professionals Wound Care Association
American Board of Podiatric Surgery
American Collage of Foot and Ankle Surgeons